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Annual Conference 2017 - Belfast


1st World Conference on Supported Employment – “Employment for All - A Global Perspective”

Date: 14-16 June 2017
Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland
Venue: La Mon Hotel and Country Club and Titanic
Conference partners: European Union of Supported Employment, Northern Ireland Union of Supported Employment
EASPD contact persons: André Félix (conference) and Tsvetelina Ivanova (Employment for All Awards)


Aim of the Conference

Employment for All – A Global Perspective aims to challenge everyone to improve access to the employment market by bringing the employers closer to those furthest from the labour market and in doing so recognising the challenges and changes that we as professionals may face.  To help us through this process the conference themes are:

  • The Right to Work
  • The Economy and the Employers
  • Tools and Methodologies
  • Legal Frameworks and Policy

This will be delivered in a variety of formats ranging from presentations to delegate participation opportunities.





EASPD and EUSE believe that all efforts in creating an effective system of employment of people with disabilities contribute to the change of the social reality in line with the mandate of art 27 UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities. The 5 main elements of art 27 UNCRPD concern:

  • The right of people with disabilities to work on equal bases with others
  • The prohibition of discrimination on the bases of disability in regards all matters connected to employment, including labor rights and equal pay
  • The right of people with disabilities to just and favorable work conditions on equal basis with others including the implementation of reasonable accommodation
  • The need to enable people with disabilities to have effective access to general technical and vocational programmes, placement services and vocational and continuing training7
  • The promotion of the acquisition of people with disabilities of work experience on the open labor market.

For this purpose, EASPD has created the Employment for All Award and is pleased to be joining now with EUSE on this occasion. The Employment for All Award is given to Social Services/ Support Providers and Businesses or Employers who have designed and implemented effective systems for employment of people with disabilities. The objective of the Award is to find and publicize different systems for inclusion of people with disabilities in the workforce and providing equal opportunities for them to access gainful employment and enable them to gain a greater control over their independence in terms of employment and financial stability.