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Bridge of Hope            
Koryun 19-a
9 Yerevan, Armenia
Ms. Susanna Tadevosyan:
Facebook, Twitter

Bridge of Hope is founded in 1996 by parents of children with disabilities and committed individuals to promote social inclusion of children and youth with disabilities and enhance full protection of their fundamental human rights and dignity in Armenian society. Since then BOH has been promoting the disability as human rights issue in Armenia and has influenced significant changes in national policies, practices, ideas and beliefs towards the rights of people with disabilities and their social inclusion. BOH is the organization which initiated inclusive education in Armenia since 2001 and is the key partner of MOES towards enhancement of total inclusive system of education in Armenia. In 2014 NGO “Bridge of Hope” won UNESCO Emir Jaber al-Ahmad al-Jaber al-Sabah International Prize to Promote Quality Inclusive Education for Persons with Disabilities.