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autArK Integrationsfachdienst                  
Rudolfsbahngürtel 2/2
9020 Klagenfurt
Mr. Andreas Jesse:

Our mission: It`s normal to be different.
Our Guiding principal: We support people with disadvantage and/or disability on their way to maximum independence.

BBRZ Vocational Training- and Rehabilitation Centre
Grillparzerstrasse 50
4021 Linz
Mr. Josef Stockinger:

The BBRZ-Austria provides services in the fields of prevention, intensive vocational rehabilitation in more than 60 training options (retraining in different professions) and health-related organisational counselling. It also develops model projects in the field of vocational rehabilitation in close cooperation with different companies. An own internal placement-department supports our clients for placement in companies.
As an independent and unbiased provider and through its services ”BerufsDiagnostik Austria” , BBRZ offers guidance and advisory services and coordinates programmes between employers, medical and therapeutical institutions as well as social insurance agencies and labour market services.

Caritas for persons with disabilities, Linz
St. Isidor 16
4060 Leonding
Ms Daniela Wolfschluckner:

Our principle: “We support integration” stands behind our work and our encounters with people with special needs. The key tasks of the Caritas (for people with special needs) are encouragement and attendance for people with special needs through the integration process into everyday life. Through furtherance and attendance for children, young-adults and adults, it aids in relieving families as well as education and help for occupational integration.Furthermore the Caritas owns a school for “Disability Care Workers and Vocational Educational Assistances”. Therefore the Caritas will provide the direct link between the training school and implementation of the outcomes.

Chance B
Franz-Josef Strasse 3
A-8200 Gleisdorf/Steiermark

Helga Pintar:

Chance B Group is a service providing organisation in the Eastern part of Styria in Austria. For the population of around 270.000 inhabitants living in this regiona Chance B group provides service to support inclusive living for persons with all kind of needs. The group provides 26 different services, most of them are provided in people’s homes, in kindergartens, schools, in enterprises.

Institut für Sozialdienste (IFS)
Interpark Focus 1
A-6832 Röthis
Ms Elisabeth Kern:  


Jugend am Werk Begleitung von Menschen mit Behinderung GmbH
Thaliastrasse 85
1160 Wien
Mr. Wolfgang Bamberg:


The "Jugend am Werk Begleitung von Menschen mit Behinderung GmbH" provides support to persons with intellectual or multiple disabilities as well as persons with mental health problems to enable them to live as independent as possible. About 1.700 women and men with disabilities work at 23 workshops/day structures. Additionally, a number of workshops/day structures run projects that include earning basic qualifications. Together with several supported employment programmes like “Work Assistance”, Jobcoaching” or “Integration Service” service users are supported to gain mainstream employment.
Three different housing models; "Accompanied Living", "Community Living" and "Residential Houses" are run to provide persons with disabilities with the personal support they need for an independent life. Appropriate service is also offered for the elderly and those with greater care requirement.

Jugend am Werk Steiermark GmbH
Lendplatz 35
8020 Graz
Mr. Walerich Berger:


Jugend am Werk is one of the biggest social services organisations in the Province of Styria.
Together with their customers, about 760 employees in 59 locations throughout the Province of Styria work to create life perspectives and to take chances in the areas of care and integration for persons with disabilities, training for young adults, employment, early intervention, and crisis intervention. Custom-fit and innovative services, customer-focussed acting, many years of experience, and best-trained and motivated employees characterise the work of Jugend am Werk.

Pädagogische Hochschule Salzburg
Akadiemiestrasse 23-25
5020 Salzburg
Prof. Wolfgang Plaute:


The University of Education combines professional initial, in-service and continuing education of teachers with research on relevant educational needs for the future. Initial studies conclude with the degree “Bachelor of Education” (primary, lower secondary and special needs education). Personal and social qualifications are assessed to the same extent as methodology and profound knowledge. The attached training schools enable students to put theoretical know-how into practice. The University faces the challenge of lifelong learning within a steadily changing world of knowledge.  A wide array of courses caters for individual teachers’ needs in the daily classroom. Some selective programmes conclude with the degree “Master of Education”. 

Lebenshilfe Österreich 
Förstergasse 6
1020 Wien
Ms Karin Astegger:

Lebenshilfe Österreich is the national umbrella organisation of all regional Austrian Lebenshilfe-
Institutions (service providers and advocacy organisations for people with intellectual
disabilities). As an umbrella organisation, Lebenshilfe Austria represents the largest advocacy
organisation as well as service provider for people with intellectual disabilities in Austria.

Social Economy Styria for People with Disability
Leonhardstraße 130
8010 Graz
Мс Karin Ondas:

The Social Economy Styria for People with Disability is a regional umbrella organisation, representing NGOs working for people with disabilities in Styria/Austria. The organisation includes 44 members and is active in the information sector from members to governments and vice versa; lobbying on Styrian and Austrian level.

University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg
Hochschulstrasse 1
6850 Dornbirn
Mr Michael Himmer:




Favoritenstrasse 111/11
1100 Wien
Mr. Markus Neuherz:

Dabei-Austria is a Vienna-based non-profit association that advocates for providing people with disabilities the opportunity for fair and equal professional integration into the open employment market. Dabei-Austria provides young people with valuable perspectives regarding their future professional lives. Dabei represents service providers offering occupational orientation and integration, and advocates their interests to policy makers, administrators and businesses.