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Equal Employment Europe
Goossensvest 34
3300 Tienen
Dr. Stef De Cock:

Euqal promote a society in which equal employment opportunities are a reality for people with disabilities and other disadvantaged groups who are furthest away from the labor market by providing them with practical working opportunities and encouraging them in making the most of their abilities in working life.

Member since 2015

De Lork vzw
Jean Robiestraat 29
1060 Sint-Gillis
Ms. Lieve Dekempeneer:

Le Carrosse
Chaussée du Roeulx, 63
7000 Mons
Benoit Duplat:

Le Carrosse cares in Belgium and France for mentally deficient persons who can’t live by their own means in society and need to be supervised 24 hours a day.  Although those persons are “institutionalized” and therefore  segregated, Le Carrosse tries to integrate them back into society through their daily activities and even more, as some of them regain some autonomy, to aim for their full inclusion.

Member since 2015


Mediander vzw
Lostraat 175
1760 Roosdaal
Ms. Ann DeWinter
Facebook, Linkedin

Mediander vzw is an open, voluntary partnership of organizations active in health care, education, and support for people with disabilities in Flanders and Brussels. Mediander ensures that members are adequately supported in achieving their missions. Through an environment of  respect, dialogue, and individuality, the members of Mediander find cooperation and support from complementary organizations to achieve their individual and shared goals.


SOM- Federation of Non-Profit Social Enterprises
Potvlietlaan 4, 2de verdieping
2600 Berchem
Ms. Wendy Metten:

Katholiek Onderwijs Vlaanderen
Guimardstraat 1
1040 Brussel
Ms Marleen Clissen:

Vlaams Welzijnsverbond vzw
Guimardstraat 1
1040 Brussel
Ms Diane Serneels:
FacebookTwitter, Linkedin 

The Flemish Welfare Association unites some 700 services of the Flemish free initiative in the welfare sector. 25.000 staff members dedicate themselves to servicing 50.000 users. The Flemish Welfare Association combines institutions, services and departments from the care for the disabled, special youth care, family support, child care and voluntary work. The main tasks consist in providing the member organisations with information and advice, policy development, promotion of interests and representation.


Dienstencentrum GID(t)S – Belgium
Koolskampstraat 24


8830 Hooglede

Dr Philip Vanneste:


Dienstencentrum GID(t)S is an organisation that provides extra opportunities for people with disabilities by offering services in the fields of education, care and employment.  It unites four non-profit organizations in the region of West-Flanders:  Dominiek Savio Institute, Sheltered Workshop Mariasteen, Sheltered Workshop Molendries and Job Centre.