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Agency for Social Development- Vision
115, Kniaz Boris I blvd.
9002 Varna
Ms Janeta Georgieva;
Facebook, Twitter, Youtube

 "Vision", the agency for social development,  is a legal entity with non-profit purpose which works in public benefit. The organisation is specialised as a service provider in the area of culture  and social development. The organisation provides information and legal and administrative consulting, methodic and creative intermediation and other services in order to motivate its clients for active and personal realisation. 

Bulgarian Association for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities (BAPID)
10, Lavele str., ap 14,
Sofia 1000
Ms Lyubka Aleksandrova:

Bulgarian association for persons with intellectual disabilities (BAPID) is a national representative association of persons with intellectual disabilities, their families, friends and professionals.The mission of BAPID is to defend human rights, non-discrimination and life in dignity of people with intellectual disabilities guaranteed by secured access to quality services, developmental training and employment opportunities for them. Advocates for national and local policy that respects the rights of people with intellectual disabilities and contributes in the building of the necessary supportive environment and inclusion in the society. We support our members in the realisation of their activities for people with intellectual disabilities and their families as providing information, expert and methodological consultations, financing and  project implementation support.

Center for Social Activities Angelovi
bl. 41 a.1 "Petar Parchevich" Str.
Sofia 1000
Kiril Angelov:


“Centre For Social Activities Angelovi” is a specialized health-social organization, part of the system for deinstitutionalization, providing integrated high-quality health and social services in the community, and consultation and psychosocial rehabilitation of persons with disabilities and people who are at health and social risk. Established with the mission to help and support these people in their typical home environment, our organization provides a whole system of services and activities aiming to improve their standard of living. Our centre is also a licensed organization for professional education in the field of healthcare and social services, assuring persons with disabilities an equal opportunity at the labour market. Our communication with persons with disabilities incorporates innovative models of social work and inclusion in society.

Member since 2016


Foundation NET
45, Car Samuil Str.
5100 Gorna Oryahovica
Ms. Mariyana Branzalova:

Foundation NET is registered since 2007 in Gorna Oryahoviyza and since March 2013 is re-registered in Pazardzhik,Vision:
Net will make a difference for people with disabilities based on the principles of equal rights and equal opportunities in all aspects of life respecting each person’s identity and values. Mission 
Net is oriented on improving quality of life of persons with disabilities by supporting them based on individual needs . Net invests to create conditions for participation in society both by supporting people with disabilities and by contributing to remove barriers in society.


Karin dom foundation
Sveti Nikola, P.O.Box 104 
9010 VarnaMs.
Mariana Nikolova:
Facebook, Youtube 

National Alliance for Social Responsibility (NASO)
115, Kniaz Boris I blvd.
9002 Varna
Facebook, Twitter, Youtube 

Association for Cancer Patients and Friends
Al. Stambolijski 16
4400 Pazardjik


G.S. Rakovski str., N.61, Fl. 3, ap.8