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Mali Dom- Zagreb, Day Care Center for Rehabilitation of Children and Young Adults 
Bastijanova 1D
10 000 Zagreb
Ms Darija Udovicic Mahmulijn:

Mali dom-Zagreb is a unique public institution that provides regular daily services to more than 100 children and youth who are visually impaired with additional disabilities and deaf blind. There is more than 150 children throughout the year  who come for our inter/transdisciplinary assessment and counselling. In addition to all the activities for children, our approach includes assisting families in understanding each child’s positive qualities which helps to build a stronger familiy unit and greatly improves each child’s opportunities for a well adjusted life. As we are constantly looking for new ways to develop our programmes by providing the best quality service, we take part in various scientific projects, and we  put great emphasis on cooperation and networking with domestic and foreign institutions, organizations, universities and professionals from different fields.

Marina Držića 1 (at URIHO)
10 000 Zagreb
Mrs Višnja Majsec Sobota;​ 

OSVITs activities are:
• improvement of vocational rehabilitation and employment of persons with disabilities,
• creation of new forms of content and work of persons with disabilities,
• monitoring of legislation and proposing necessary amendments,
• organization of conferences, symposia and lectures,
• organization of social and sporting activities of persons with disabilities,
• organization of creative workshops for people with disabilities,
• preparing of publications, proceedings and manuals in the areas of activities of the Association,
• cooperation  with national and international institutions and organizations involved in vocational rehabilitation and employment of persons with disabilities.