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Czech Republic




Slezská Diakonie
Na Nivách 7
737 01 Český Těšín
Ms. Tereza Koukolová:


Slezská diakonie is an NGO providing social services. The mission of Slezská diakonie is to provide qualitative social services, based on Christian values, for people in need.
Since 1990, the organisation has been operating in the Moravian-Silesian Region of the Czech Republic and in Brno city. It provides 102 accredited social services to more than 8000 people. Its activities are focused on people with disabilities and special needs, homeless people, elderly people, children and families and other people in difficult life situation.
Slezská diakonie has been running special school for children with learning and combined disabilities, but it also focuses on support of social inclusion of children and adults with disabilities in society. The organisation is working with more than 160 volunteers involved in various volunteer programmes. In 2013 Slezska diakonie hosted 27 volunteers within European Voluntary Service programme.