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Editorial - Sprinting towards 2018: Next two months at EASPD

Back from our international conference in Podgorica, Montenegro, EASPD is in full swing again. As always, the conference gave us a lot of inspiration and many ideas to follow up on.

During the debates, it was made clear that any discussion on the UN CRPD implementation cannot take place without looking at the framework provided by the Sustainable Development Goals. Their scope goes much more beyond disability, and this helps us to work towards the common objective of building inclusive societies. More information on the Sustainable Development Goals will be shared in the next weeks.

Also, the training of staff and the lack of leaders in the field has come as a very prominent issue. We are working on this since many years and we developed a range of tools to support us on these issues. We are proud to say that our e-learning hub DLOT – Disability Leaders of Tomorrow – will soon make its training and capacity building resources publicly available.


Since its set up, EASPD is supporting capacity building at grassroots level with ad-hoc trainings and seminars. The last one took place last week in Skopje, FYROM. The session has set a first important milestone: the agreement to cooperate towards the set-up of an informal coalition of actors in the field to work together on the implementation of the Convention. We will follow these developments closely in the next months.
The autumn has come with several activities in the pipeline. A range of new projects has started or is about to start in the next weeks. We will be busy on topics such as self-directed support, supported decision making, stakeholders’ cooperation, arts and culture accessibility and professional careers for persons with support needs. You can find further information below in this newsletter.

If this is not enough, our commitment to secure investment to the social services sector through the Juncker Plan will be reconfirmed during our conference on the "EU Investment Plan for Social Services”, organized in cooperation with the European Policy Centre on the 27 November 2017. A few more places to register are still available, should you be interested.

We hope that the reading will please you. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us should you wish to have more information.

Sabrina Ferraina
Policy Manager