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Central Finland, the Foundation for the disabled (KSVS)
Matarankatu 4
40100 Jyväskylä
Ms. Marja-Leena Saarinen:

The foundation for intellectually disabled in Central Finland.

Eteva the Joint Municipal Authority (for Disability Services)
Eteva Kuntayhtymä
PL 43 (Karhukuja 1)
04600 Mäntsälä
Mrs Katrina Harjuhahto-Madetoja :

Eteva is a joint municipal authority, a supplier of services for persons with disabilities and special needs in Southern Finland. Eteva provides housing services, family care and job and day activities. Eteva provides also expert services and crises and recovery services for persons with dual diagnosis - both intellectual and developlemental disabilities and psychiatric problems. Eteva serves approx. 2 000 persons yearly. Eteva's operation is characterised by small units in some 150 locations. Work is based on modern disability policies, which emphasise person centred practice, inclusion and involvement. Instead of hospital and residential care, Eteva provides individual services for the most demanding needs.  Eteva has 1300 employee and over 96 % of them work in client's everyday  service. Eteva is owned by 47 communities.

Finnish Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (FAIDD)
Viljatie 4 A 
00700 Helsinki
Ms Sisko Rauhala:
Facebook, Twitter 

FAIDD is an umbrella organisation that promotes equality and participation for people with intellectual disabilities and others who need support in learning, understanding and communicating. 

Housing Service Foundation ASPA
Viljatie 4A, 2nd floor
00700 Helsinki
Mr. Jyrki Pinomaa:
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Rinnekoti Foundation

Rinnekodintie 10 

O298O Espoo
Mr Markku Niemelä:
Ms Ms Lea Nevalainen:
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Rinnekoti Foundation is one of the oldest organisations in Finland providing multifacet health and care services for persons with intellectual disabilities. The Norio Centre is a Rare and Genetic Disease Research and healthcare service provider for persons and families affected by various rare syndromes and illnesses. The organisation also provides housing and accommodation in two distinct services in collaboration with municipalities, private and public enterprises. Other services the foundation provides are at the persons’ homes and to persons living in care-support families. Intensive specialised treatment including rehabilitation with tailored support and care are key features of Rinnekoti healthcare. The centre works with a multidisciplinary team providing person-centred care.

Service Foundation for People with Intellectual Disabilities (KVPS)
Pinninkatu 51
33100 Tampere 
Ms. Kirsi Konola:
Facebook, Twitter

KVPS is national service provider and developer with its roots deeply set in parent-led governance. The Foundation supports people with an intellectual disability and others with special needs as well as their families. The Foundation wants to seek and to develop new innovations, which can make a difference in the lives of people with an intellectual disability and their families, and by doing so, improve the quality of life for all those concerned. The Foundation wants to create models of service provision that are person-centred, practical and of high quality standard.
 In our services and development activities we have strong involvement of people with disability.

The Housing Foundation for Intellectually Disabled in Savo
Vuorikatu 26 A 2.krs
70100 Kuopio
Mr. Sari Kokkonen:

The Housing Foundation for Intellectually Disabled in Savo (SAVAS) promotes the development of the conditions of housing and daytime activities for persons with developmental disabilities and mental disabilities. SAVAS produces housing services and  daytime  activities and through research, trial and development operations promote the well-being of persons in need of support.