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Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia




Open the Windows
Bul. Partizanski Odredi, 62/2-29
1000 Skopje
Ms. Margarita Gulevska:
Facebook, Twitter, YoutubeLinkedin 

Open the Windows is the only non-governmental organization in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia focused on promoting assistive technology as a tool for inclusion of persons with disabilities. Led by the vision of a “world where technology enables all persons to fully exploit their potentials”,OtW strives to to“enable and facilitate access to information technology, in order to promote equal opportunities for all”.

Street Orce Nikolov 122
1000 Skopje
Dr. Vasilika Dimoska:
Facebook, Youtube 

The Republic Center for Support of Persons with Intellectual Disability – PORAKA is a civil, parents, national disability and non-profit organization representing the rights and interests of more than 20.000 persons with intellectual disability in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. 
PORAKA has a status of a National Disability Organization (according to The Law for Disability Organizations) and is in the Register of Associations of Citizens in the area of social protection, which is kept in the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.


MssA- Macedonian Scientific Society for Autism
Bull Goce Delchev 9A
1000 Skopje
Vladimir Trajkovski:

Macedonian Scientific Society for Autism is a society of citizens-special educators, psychiatrists, medical doctors, immunologists, allergologists, and other professional and scientific disciplines, established by a free will of the citizens in order to accomplish and coordinate their interests and to perform activities and actions aimed at improving investigation and treatment of the persons with autism in the Republic of Macedonia.
MSSA is an organization that conducts  scientific research activities, activities for raising public awareness for people with Autism spectrum disorder, improvements of the treatment and quality of life of these persons and their families through organizing educational events  and debates within the Republic of Macedonia