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Centre de la Gabrielle
6 rue de la Gabrielle, BP. 15
77411 Claye-Souilly CEDEX
Ms. Bernadette Grosyeux:

Created in 1972, Centre de la Gabrielle and les Ateliers du Parc de Claye is a private non-profit organisation, founded by the French federation of mutual companies for civil servants.
The Centre de la Gabrielle is a large multi service care provider for more than 450 children, teenagers and adults with development, learning and intellectual disabilities. It houses twelve medical and social nonprofit establishments and services, including an adapted company and more than 250 staff members.


Fédération Nationale de la Mutualité Française (FNMF)
255, rue de Vaugirard
75719 Paris Cedex 15
Ms. Sofie Peltier:


Rue de la Tombe Issoire 14
75014 Paris
Sylvain Renouvel:

FEGAPEI, the national federation of employers and service providers for persons with disabilities, brings together 500 associations and 4,000 facilities and services for people with disabilities. These facilities and services comprise 120,000 employees and assist more than 240,000 people.
Guardianship services and regional family associations, which provide legal protection to vulnerable people, are also among the the FEGAPEI’s members.

14 rue Scandicci
93508 Pantin cedex
Mr Henri-Pierre Lagarrigue:

L'ADAPT is a non-profit organization striving for social and professional insertion of people with disabilities. For more than 80 years, L'ADAPT has been creating opportunities for inclusion so that we may, as our motto says, 'Live together. Different, yet equal'.
With 2500 employees L'ADAPT manages more than a hundred medical and social care services and centers throughout France. We offer multidisciplinary career paths coordinated in conjunction with the health and the medico-social sectors through our five missions: schooling, healthcare, training, work at the ESATs (sheltered workshops), and support.

Union Nationale Des Associations De Parents et Amis de Personnes Handicapées Mentales (UNAPEI) 
15 Rue Coysevox
75018 Paris Cedex 18
Mrs. Céline Simonin:

Unapei is the National Federation of associations of parents, of persons with intellectual disabilies, and their friends. Unapei is the main French NGO defending the rights and interests of persons with intellectual disabilities and their families. It has been created in 1960. As a national umbrella organization, it brings together about 550 local and regional NGOs. Unapei member organisations are committed to meet the needs of persons with intellectual disabilities, to promote their inclusion and to enable them to live a dignified life in the community. 180 000 persons with disabilities are supported by Unapei’s movement. 60 000 families, persons with disabilities and friends are in the membership of Unapei’s member organizations. Together, our members run 3 100 specialised services. 85 000 staff members are employed by NGOs and services.