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Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Werkstätten für Behinderte Menschen (BAG:WfbM) 

Sonnemannstrasse 5
60314 Frankfurt am Main
Ms Kathrin Völker:

BAG WfbM is the German association of sheltered workshops, located in Frankfurt. In 2016, 680 sheltered workshops with more than 2,700 subsidiaries are enabling participation in working life for people with severe disabilities. In Germany, sheltered workshops are specialised facilities of vocational rehabilitation. They provide vocational training, work opportunities and support in personal development for 300,000 people with intellectual, mental and severe and multiple disabilities. 93% of the German sheltered workshops are organized in BAG WfbM.
BAG WfbM is actively involved in the legislation process on federal level in Germany and is also representing the interests of German sheltered workshops in Europe. Additionally, BAG WfbM is providing its members with services like expert advice on questions related to employment, vocational training, financing and legal issues. BAG WfbM advocates for the participation of people with disabilities in working life.

Diakonie Neuendettelsau
Heckenstraße 12
91564 Neuendettelsau
Ms Inge Storch:
Facebook, Youtube

The Diakonie Neuendettelsau, founded by the Reverend Wilhelm Löhe in 1854 as an institute for deaconesses, the Diakonie Neuendettelsau is one of today’s major independent Christian institutions for social welfare work in Germany and the biggest such enterprise in Bavaria. More than 6.700 em-ployees at numerous institutions in Neuendettelsau and other regions all over Southern Germany and in other European countries take care of the people they are responsible for. 
"Shaping lives", the motto of the Diakonie Neuendettelsau, is translated into action in many fields of work

Diakonische Akademie für Fort- und Weiterbildung e.V
Bahnhofstraße 9
01468 Moritzburg
Ms Katrin Sawatzky:

Our aim is to provide courses that are perfectly adjusted to the requirements and needs of the changing social practice. Staff in social services receive impulses on their professional practice and become qualified for positions of higher responsibility. With our range of courses we respond timely to social changes and challenges. In cooperation with Universities, Science institutions and profession representatives we develop current offerings of high professionalism. The focus of our program is elderly care, special education and psychiatry, children and youth services, management and right, IT, other social services, diaconal profile / faith.

LWV.Eingliederungshilfe GmbH

Bismarckstr. 72
72072 Tübingen
Mr. Joachim Kiefer:
Facebook, Linkedin

The L.EH operates in Germany at 4 sites in Baden-Wuerttemberg (Markgröningen, Ellwangen, Reutlingen, Ulm) facilities for disabled and mentally handicapped people. The central locations are specialist providers for difficult multi-handicapped people with a local offer of service in living and works in the surrounding area. Meanwhile the L.EH offers community based services in 18 different counties or cities.

Stiftungsbereich proWerk

Bismarckstr. 72
33617 Bielefeld
Mrs. Martina Steinbauer:
Facebook, Twitter, Youtube

Bethel's 150-year history focuses on human and professional help for sick, disabled and socially disadvantaged people. We see ourselves as providers of professional services for people seeking help with a wide variety of needs, and we are able to do our work accordingly: in diagnostics and therapy, in promotion and care, in rehabilitation, in education and in work.