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Institute for Community Rehabilitation
3M. Botsari St. Agios Athanasios
57003 Thessaloniki

Mr. Konstantinos Papanikolaou:

Institute for Community Rehabilitation (I.C.R.) is a non-governmental and not for profit organisation which plans and implements projects of social inclusion and community rehabilitation. The projects concern persons with various forms of disability, such as physical, sensory, mental or intellectual. The implementation of the project is based mainly on volunteering by students, members of families as well as persons with disabilities themselves. However, there are some specific professional services.


S.Nikolakopoulou str.13
15451 Athens, 
Mr Tommy Papp:

ESTIA is a recognised Charity by the Ministry of Health & Social Solidarity. It was founded in 1982 by parents of intellectual disabled children. ESTIA, with the motto “Each person is unique and his uniqueness should be dealt with respect” specialises in providing support and care to people with intellectual disabilities from 18 years of age. It strives to improve their quality of life and supporting their inclusion into the community. ESTIA provides vocational training; support services for the disabled and their families; supported employment service; social skills training; creative learning and leisure time activities; sports programmes, creation and implementation of supported living units.

Theotokos Foundation
Theotokou 2, Illion,
13122 Athens
Ms. Marie-Ange Monique Widdershoven:

“Theotokos Foundation” is a private, non-profit organization based in Ilion, Greece, since 1963.  It is partially funded by the local authority of Attica and supervised by the Greek Ministry of Employment, Social Security and Welfare. For more than 50 years, “Theοtokos Foundation” has served and offered its special programs to more than 5.000 children, adults, and families with learning and other developmental disabilities. 

Workshop "Panagia Eleousa"
Cyprus and Arc.Damaskinos Street
30200 30200
Mina Kyziridi:

"The Workshop “Panagia Eleousa” is a Charitable Society, a Private Law Legal Entity, a non-for-profit organisation of social and public interest and it is under the aegis and the inspection of the Ministry of Labour and Welfare and of the Region of Western Greece. The Workshop “PANAGIA ELEOUSA”, having 49 highly qualified employees, provides lifelong education and training, residential services, counselling, psychological support and care to 140 people, aged over fifteen years coming from the whole prefecture of Etoloakarnania, who are educated, free of any charge.
Education Centres:

  • A’ Education Centre (the Seat) in Messolonghi
  • B’ Education Centre in Agrinio
  • the Nautical Sports-Environmental Centre-Campsite in Messolonghi
  • Residential Services of supported living for our service users in Messolonghi and Agrinio cities.

Rehabilitation Center For Social Support and Creative Employment of People with Disabilities "O SOTIR"
Kariotaki 3
54645 Thessaloniki
Athanasios Tsavalakoglou:


Social non-for-profit provider of welfare services in 273 people with intellectual disabilities. Day use and day care, creative occupation, education and training, pro-vocational training, social inclusion, supportive care, supported living, camping programs, sports programs.

Therapeutic Educational Centre For People With Intellectual Disabilities Of Patras "Merimna"
Alsos Girokomeiou
263 31, Patras, Greece
Mrs. Panagiota Togia:

Therapeutic Educational Centre for people with intellectual disabilities of Patras "Merimna" was founded in 1969. Merimna specializes in providing education, vocational training and psychosocial support to people, from the age of five and above, with intellectual disabilities, Down Syndrome and autism. A guesthouse functions five days a week and provides besides the main facilities, entertaining and educational programmes. Merimna provides a medical care/pedagogical service with a team made up of a psychiatrist, psychologists, social workers, physiotherapists, trainers, with a total of 42 qualified employees.

Member since 2016

PanHellenic Association of Adapted Activities ALMA
32 Agias Varvaras, 17563
Palaio Faliro, Greece
Mrs. Sofia Nikolaou:

ALMA is a non-for-profit NGO founded by professionals working in the field of learning disability. The organisation’s philosophy emphasizes on the abilities of people with learning disabilities and their full and dignified participation in the community. ALMA has a variety of programmes for children and youth with disabilities which include: education programmes; creative activities for children and young people with mental disabilities and autism; sports; multi-day training programmes for semi-independent living; day centre or children and counselling centre; house of supported living with permanently residing young people with disabilities; awareness raising activities. The main aim of ALMA is the integration of children and young people with disabilities through education, sports and cultural programmes

Member since 2016

EEA Margarita
Messologiou 4-6 & Redestou 7-9
15263 N. Penteli
Ioannis Bistis:

Margarita was founded in 1979 as an accredited Specialized Charitable Nonprofit Organization. It hosts nearly 100 students (aged 14 – 50). Attendance is free, as is the support provided to the students, as well as their families. PROVIDED SERVICES : Education and specialized vocational training, Employment, Parallel - Support Services, Supported Living. Our goal is to provide young people with intellectual disabilities the chance for personal development and progress, realization of their rights, autonomous living, and social and professional integration.  Our vision is equality and complete integration of people with intellectual disabilities in society in order for them to lead the fullest possible life. Our resources are derived from the Region, which is the surveying authority, the Ministry of Labor, EU programs, social welfare funds, donations, and sponsoring.

Member since 2016

Theoklitlou B 5
11745 Athens
Spyridon Zormpas:

KINAPSI was founded in 2008 and its mission is to provide support to the siblings of those with mental illness, to promote networking and information exchange for siblings and for those with mental illness, to promote better conditions in Public and Private Care Facilities, to promote deinstitutionalization and occupational rehabilitation for sufferers, to organize events promoting Mental Health, and ultimately to provide care for people with mental illness and their siblings through a network of affiliated professionals and therapeutic institutions.Our organisation works with people of disabilities, such as mental health issues, and helps to successfully reintegrate them into society. Our annual summer camps offer a range of activities for people who suffer with mental health problems and for their relatives, providing respite and fun. We also help caretakers who look after those with mental health problems by holding support groups and private counselling sessions.

Pan-Hellenic Association of Parents Guardians and Friends of Visually Impaired People with Additional Special Needs “AMIMONI”

ex. American Base, Vouliagmenis Avenue
16777 Elliniko

Mrs. Agapi Papadiki: /


Amimoni was founded in 1993 as an NGO with philanthropic status by parents of children with visual impairments (low vision or blindness) with additional disabilities such as mental disabilities, pervasive development disorder, genetic syndromes, mental disorder, mobility impairments. These children are offered the sole infrastructure in Greece for education and assisted integration into social and family environment.


Member since 2017

To Ergastiri 
Agiou Orous 46, Ano Liosia
Greece 13341
Mr Spyros Kaltikopoulos:

"To Ergastiri” is a non-profit organization that aims to assist in the social integration and general well-being of adults with learning disabilities. Our activities aim to provide quality services and creating new opportunities for people with learning disabilities and their families. “To Ergastiri” offers, among others, occupational training and integration on the open labour market, vocational and art training workshops, semi – independent Supporting Housing programs for our adults. The experienced members of our staff offer a wide range of services that include social educational, psychological support to our beneficiaries and their families as well as vocational and art training.