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Association for Life Long Learning (ALLL)
Klauzál U. 10
1046 Budapest
Mr. Zoltán Várkonyi: 

Civic Advocacy Network of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities
Lonyai u. 19.
1093 Budapest
Ms. Henriette Nelhübel:

The Civil Advocacy Network has been operating in Hungary since 2006 and is a bottom-up collaboration of civil organizations dedicated to provide social services to disabled people nationwide. Comprised of 48 organizations, today it is able to participate in helping the lives of nearly 5000 disabled people. The main goal of the network is to improve the efficiency of protecting and representing the rights and interests of civil organizations that help disabled people. It aims to reach a level where civil providers are able to operate their services under the same conditions with the government and church run institutions. The purpose is to achieve a system where all types of providers have equal opportunities in service operations by functioning under the same material and personnel conditions. 

ЕТА- National Association of Social Organisations and Foundations in the Service of Mentally Handicapped

Molnár Viktor u. 94-96.
1158 Budapest
Agnes Monostori:


The umbrella represents has 64 member organisations, which provide services to nearly 6000 persons with mental disabilities. The services are in the fields of early intervention, day care, subsidized housing, employment, medical and sport therapies. The umbrella’s main tasks are to provide professional advocacy, assistance to regulated operation, representation in public proceedings, participation in arbitrations of rules and acts concerning disability.

Member since 2015

FFER-Foundation For Equal Rights
Ibolya u. 13-19
H-2141 Csomor
Katalin Monostori:


The foundation is aiming at real integration of the persons with a disability. The concept of integrated housing and working is relatively new in Hungary and it is therefore that we seek the support of a well-known European professional network, being the EASPD.
Among the projects the organisation is working on are: - setting up a "crisis house" (respite care); integrated living projects; small group homes for 4-5 persons who work in the open society but live together and are, as a family, supported. Moreover the foundation has an educational centre on the farm we they in Bakonyuti where persons with disabilities are trained meaningful work in their world "out there" (outside the organized care field). The organisation also works provides healthcare services and (self) advocacy training.

Hand in Hand Foundation (Kézenfogva Alapítvány)
P.O. Box 234
1461 Budapest
Mr. Ákos Pordán:

Hand in Hand Foundation's mission is to build an inclusive society where there is no difference between persons with or without disabilities. People with disabilies should get all the service to achieve this ideal status. The ain values of the organisation are the follows: humnad dignitiy, partnership, empowerment. In order to achieve this goal Hand in Hand uses its capacities. During its 20 years operation Hand in Hand has by now become a nation-wide recognised methodological center, think-tank organisation in the field of social, job-related service development and raising public awareness for persons with disability.

MEREK-Rehabilitation Centre for Physically Disabled People
Marczibányi tér 3
1022 Budapest
Mr Erik Fuksz:

The mission of MEREK is to promote the integration of people with physical disabilities and the achievement of the highest possible level of independency for them, through the provision of complex rehabilitation services such as physical, occupational, psychological therapy. During the rehabilitation process our clients' individual demands and needs are assessed in a comprehensive manner and the resulting rehabilitation programme is carried out based on close cooperation between the client and the professionals. MEREK also offers temporary housing in order to develop abilities for independent living.  On the initiative of MEREK a national network of workshops has been established for the adaptation and personalisation of assistive tools within a EU-funded programme named Guruló (Rolling).

Symbiosis Foundation
12 Augusztus 20 Street
3527 Miskolc
Ms. Renata Hirsko:

Symbiosis Foundation was established in 1999. Symbiosis provides wide range of services for people with intellectual disabilities as well as with autism, their parents, and persons with reduced ability to work in North-Hungary. Our main aim is to help the lives of these people and their families and to improve the quality of their lives. We support education, training, employment and social integration of persons with special needs