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Via Ferrara 32
40139 Bologna
Mr. Evert-Jan Hoogerwerf:

AIAS Bologna onlus is an association for people with disabilities, families and carers. Started 50 years ago the organisation has always played an important role at local level advocacing for more and better services and for the quality of life of persons with disabilities. Since 2000 the organisation is increasingly active at European level. The board is elected among the members, while the daily operations are run by the management team of sector heads. The human resources are completed by a large group of volunteers.   

Associazione Scuola Viva onlus 
Via Crespina, 30/35
00146 Rome
Mr. Fabrizio Fea:

Scuola Viva is a rehabilitation centre for persons with disabilities particularly involved in the rehabilitation of persons with disabilities through tailored projects.There are two main departments: a day centre for persons with intellectual disabilities and an outpatient dpt. In the first dpt rehabilitation projects are carried out, also for persons who have joined affective-interpersonal disturbances. The projects are mainly focused on self-statement through personal or cluster interventions of psychological, motor, cognitive, psychomotor, music therapy, gestural communication and animal attending therapy. There are also an art atelier, gardening and glasshouse, ceramics and authonomy programmes. The other dpt is devoted to the rehabilitation of  persons at any age with orthopedic problems, degenerative central and peripheral neurological diseases , children with speech problems and domiciliary care.  

Cooperativa H.E.L.P.
Largo Giuseppe Veratti 15-16
00146 Rome
Mr. Romano Mazzone:

H.E.L.P. acronym Handicap Education Training Participation is an organization  no profit , was founded on 1 July 1997 with a European project with the purpose of creating concrete opportunities to introduce people with disabilities into the working world. Now, our organization is into the working world from sixteen years and has overcoming the most critical years of the global crisis maintaining and increasing the worker-members with disabilities who are more than 80%, including the President. The competitiveness of the services provided by our association is guaranteed by the professional expertise of our employees, and the our competitive prices offered. The main purpose our organization is the job placement of people with disabilities in the main work activities.


Associazione Nazionale fra Lavoratori Mutilati e Invalidi del Lavoro (National Workers Association of Labour Invalids and Maimed)

Adolfo Ravà n.124
142, Rome, Italy
Ms. Maria Carmela Amorigi:

The National Injured and Disabled Workers Association (ANMIL) was founded in 1943. It is a non-profit registered private organization that aims to represent and support the victims injured at work, the widows and the orphans. Its members are more than 450.000 and it represents and supports more than 875.000 disabled people who receive compensations (i.e. injury benefit, annuity for permanent damage, etc.) and family survivors of people who died at work. The headquarters and the Corporate are based in Rome. ANMIL is financed by its members (75%), by public contributions and private donations (25%). The headquarters and the Corporate are based in Rome. There are 21 Regional branches, 106 Provincial branches, 2000 Subsections and 500 Municipal Commissions and Trusts.

Member since 2016

Associazione Italiana Assistenza agli Spastici ONLUS - Città di Monza (Italian Association for the Assistance of Spastic Persons)
via Andrea Lissoni, 14
20900, Monza, Italy
Dr. Gaetano Santonocito:

A.I.A.S. Città di Monza Onlus is a non-profit organisation which is active in rehabilitation and social inclusion. We are a service provider of medical therapies to people with physical, psycological and intellectual disabilities. The organisation is part of the Health System of Regione Lombardia. We are a member of A.I.A.S., Italian Association for Spastic Assistance, which is a national organisation with about 120 departements in Italy.

Member since 2016