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82/1, A. Sciusev Street
Chisinau 2012
Ms. Felicia Cretu:

The Association for Charity and Social Assistance ACASA is a non-governmental organization registered at the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Moldova on February 4, 1998 with the registration number 0293. Members of the Association “ACASA” are 34 NGOs and 29 individuals.

Alliance of Organisations working with the disabled people (AOPD)
Livezilor Str. 35
mun. Chisinau
Ms. Veronica Capatici:

AOPD is a non-governmental umbrella organization. Its members are 13 CSOs of the disability field of the Republic of Moldova.
AOPD vision is “Persons with disabilities of the Republic of Moldova socially integrated and with equal chances to realize their potential”.
AOPD mission is to improve the quality of life of persons with disabilities of the Republic of Moldova through change of the public opinion and attitude toward persons with disabilities and through collaboration with public authorities in order to create for persons with disabilities an environment with equal opportunities to realize the potential.

Association ,,Curcubeul Copilariei"
Str. Porumbescu 1
3600 Ungheni
Ms Emilia Cucuruzac:

The Association ‘Curcubeul Copilarie’ supports children with Special Educational Needs and all other children. We organise and participate in different conferences that promote the human rights especially children's rights and promote a good atmosphere for Children with Special Educational Needs. We also support the development of volunteers and we have different meetings where parents take part in the children's future through their decisions.

Member since 2014


Keystone Human Services International Moldova Association (KHSIMA)
81 Kogalniceanu str. Of. 3, 
MD-2009 Chisinau
Ms. Ludmila Malcoci :

The mission of Keystone Human Services International Moldova Association is to promote and develop opportunities that will be in the form of consultant services, technical assistance, direct support service, best-practice training, monetary and administrative supports to further the independence and social inclusion of people who are in need of service due to disabling conditions, situations of poverty, abandonment, institutionalization, and other adverse societal conditions throughout Moldova.

Motivation Moldova
23/1 Traian bd.
2060 Chisinau
Mr. Nicolae Besliu:

MOTIVATION focusses on social inclusion and creating equal opportunities for people with mobility disabiloities in the Republic of Moldova. It also provides direct support for its clients and advocate for their rights.

MD-2051 Chisinau
Mrs Ana Levinte:

The major aim of the NGO "Verbina" is to work throughout the Republic of Moldova for strengthening  the capacity of civil servants and civil society actors that engage in initiatives related to people with disabilities and socially disadvantage people’s interest. The asociation’s projects are addressed to schools and boarding schools directors, doctors and school nurses, social workers, youth with disabilities.
NGO "Verbina" is a founder and a board member of the Alliance of NGOs active in the field of Child and Family Protection in Moldova. Verbina is a founder and a member of the Coordinating Council of the Alliance of the organizations that works in the field of protection of persons with disabilities.