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The Netherlands




European Co-operation in Anthroposophical Curative Education and Social Therapy 
PO BOX 560
3700 AN Zeist
Mr. Bernard Heldt:

The ECCE represents through national umbrella organisations about 400 parents’ associations,  professional organisations and centres for vocational training. It concerns about 30.000 persons with special needs in 18 European countries, protecting their interests at the European level from an anthroposophical perspective. It was set up in 1992 in the Netherlands by the Council for Curative Education and Social Therapy, of the Medical Section of the Free Highschool of Spiritual Sciences in Dornach (CH). Vision:
* Employability: All human beings have the right to offer their contribution to society through work. The ECCE does not primarily focus on the economic point of view. Contributions to society are interpreted by everybody in different ways.
* Quality of life: Giving and receiving care, support and guidance is part of every day life. It is  enriching society, and establishes a relationship of responsibility between individuals and  enhances his or her quality of life. 

SOFT Tulip 
Eisenhowerlaan 120-II
2517 KM Den Haag
Mr. Eric Bloemkolk:

SOFT Tulip Foundation is a network organization of 10 Dutch NGO service providers for people with disabilities, elderly people and people with psychiatric problems, They employ altogether about thirty thousand people. The expertise offered by the organizations cooperating in SOFT Tulip covers a whole range of disability and rehabilitation, varying from physical impairments to learning disabilities and from the rehabilitation of multiple disabled children to caring for elderly people and people with mental health problems. 

Vereniging Gehandicaptenzorg Nederland (VGN)
P.O. Box 413
3500 AK Utrecht
Facebook, Twitter

The Dutch Association of Healthcare Providers for People with Disabilities (De Vereniging Gehandicaptenzorg Nederland, or VGN) is the inter-branch organisation for providers of care and services to people with a disability. The VGN pro-actively represents the interests of her members. Sixty professionals work at our offices in Utrecht. Within the sector of care for the handicapped, 167,000 employees work with over 155,000 clients. The total budget for the sector amounts to approximately € 6.4 billion a year. The VGN strives for favourable conditions and an active representation of interests in the fields of finance, laws and regulations, employer issues and content of the care provided.