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Zieglerstrasse 53
3000 Bern 14
Mrs Mireille Grädel:

As a national umbrella organisation, INSOS Switzerland represents the interests of 750 institutions for people with disabilities. It allows 60,000 people of different abilities to find work, thus giving them a structured day and a sense of belonging, and providing scope for the completion of integrative or vocational training. INSOS Switzerland is committed to optimal working conditions, to sufficient and well-trained employees as well as the observance and further development of quality standards in institutions for people with a disability.

Stiftung Arkadis 
Aarauerstrasse 10
4600 Olten
Dr. Dagmar Domenig:

We are a service and competence centre for: Adults with a disability, primarily with a cognitive impairment and/or cerebral movement disorders who live privately or within our institution; children and young adults, including their environment, with a disability or a special need for support as far as health or social issues are concerned. We offer a broad range of services in the area of living, work and leisure, therapies and counselling for people with the need for support.