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TOPHOUSE is a project that aims to define, refine and formally establish the competences of professionals in the processes of assessment, housing & support/care provision so as to strengthen their ability:
a) to assume social and civic responsibilities by actively fostering inclusion and respect for human rights of persons at risk of exclusion, particularly persons with disabilities;
b) to work more effectively and constructively with complex needs of service users in the context of increasingly diverse societies;
by developing supporting specialist training that would integrate human rights-based approaches, such as person-centred planning and individual needs assessment, based on explicit learning outcomes, all underpinned by a new curriculum supporting those working in assessment, housing & support/care services. This would be delivered by a combination of formal and non-formal learning and is intended to lead to a formal qualification.     

See the leaflet with more information about the project here


European Union's Erasmus+ Programme



December 2017 to November 2019




Austria - Essl Foundation
Belgium - EASPD
Ireland - ICSH
Austria - Jugend am Werk
Spain - FTCG
Finland - ASPA
UK – Homeless Link


Carmen Arroyo de Sande
+32 2 233 77 22