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Challenges in long-term care in Europe - A study of national policies 2018

In today’s aging society’s, with rising life expectancy and more people likely to reach an age where declining physical and mental health make them dependent on help from others, the sustainability of long-term care systems in the Member States is vital.

The European Commissions’ European Social Policy Network (ESPN) has released 35 national reports and a synthesis report of the main features of the national long-term care systems in 35 European countries - EU Member States as well as EFTA and enlarging countries.

These national reports analyse key four challenges faced by national governments in the provision long term care systems (LTC):

  • access to and adequacy of long-term care provisions,
  • issues related to the employment situation of carers,
  • the quality of LTC provision and jobs, and
  • the financial sustainability of national long-term care provisions.

To find out more a read any of the 35 national reports, click here.

These national reports are joined by a synthesis report, which presents a comparative analysis of the national long-term care systems as well as the national reforms that aim to tackle the changes faced by LTC systems.
To read the synthetic report and its recommendations for the sustainability of long term care systems, click here.

To find out more about the reports, click here.