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Have you met your expert yet? Deadline approaching!

Are you interested in exchanging ideas with an expert on how to fully develop change management in your organisation?

Do you want to learn about other perspectives in Person Centred Technology?

Would you like to explore questions on supported decision making with someone skilled in the topic?

EASPD’s member organisations work daily to improve the lives of thousands of persons with disabilities around Europe, finding innovative solutions for practical problems. We want to encourage our members to share these solutions with each other, this is why we aim to create the Expertise Network by 2019.

Under the framework of the Commit! Strategy, the Expertise Network will be a space of contact among experts and organisations that express needs on certain topics. The Network will be engaged from (and for) our membership. Selected experts will help organisations to improve their knowledge and/or to increase their capacities.


EASPD has chosen seven experts in three topics:

  • ​Person Centred Technology
  • Change Management
  • Supported Decision Making

As applicant organisation, you need to choose one of these 3 areas.


You also can choose between three formats:

Mentoring: One-to-one relationship; the expert will meet one person from the organisation and create recommendations for that position.


Individual: One expert – one organisation; the expert will visit one organisation and create recommendations for that organisation.


Group: One expert – several organisations; organisations in the same country/region that may have the same needs can come together on a collective that will receive the expert. The expert will then develop recommendations and advice together with the local organisations. In this case, the applicant organisation applies on behalf of the group.

All the traveling arrangements and subsistence expenses from the expert are covered fully by EASPD. Costs linked to the involvement of the applicant/s organisations need to be self-financed.


Application procedure


  • If your organisation is interested in receiving an expert, please send an e-mail to Ms Sandra Nicolau Lima sandra.lima@easpd.eu including:
  • A short description of the organisation(s) (1 paragraph max.);
  • Why are you interested in receiving an expert? And why did you chose your topic? (3 paragraphs max.). Here you should also include your preferred format.

The deadline for applications is 14th March 2018.