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OECD Health Policy Studies: Who Cares? Attracting and Retaining Care Workers for the Elderly

The COVID-19 crisis is striking social services with full force. The long-term care (LTC) sector is even more affected because of the large numbers of deaths and sick people in long-term homes as well as the exposure of LTC workers to infections. However, this pandemic is also highlighting LTC’s structural problems in terms of insufficient staffing, poor working conditions and career prospects, insufficient skills, and poor wages, all of which have an impact on quality of care and safety. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) published a report named “Who cares? Attracting and Retaining Care Workers for the Elderly” to study these issues and try to push for some policy changes to attract and retain care workers for the elderly. The report is articulated around 5 objectives:

  • Addressing the shortfall in workers
  • Tasks, qualifications and training of long-term care workers: reducing the skills gap
  • Addressing retention by creating better-quality jobs in long-term care
  • Improving care pathway for elderly people
  • Shortfall innovation: how technology, skill mix and self-care can change long-term care

The summary of this report can be read here.