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People are not your greatest asset

You have probably heard at least once in your lifetime someone saying, “people are your greatest asset”. This statement sounds accurate. In social care and support, for instance, the right set of skills and qualifications of staff is key for delivering quality services for persons with disabilities.
And yet, it is arguable that people per se are what make your organisation successful! A recent article argues just that. What is important, it states, is the way you empower your people. “Aha!” - you say - “we knew about the element of empowerment all along!”. It was perhaps at the back of your mind when talking about workforce, however, the key element is to articulate it in the development of your staff, their training and empowerment.
EASPD has been involved in numerous projects, studies and events targeted at workforce development. Over the course of the past year, we have also launched a new set of activities under the recently created working stream on learning & development. There is, however, still a lot to learn, from each other as well as from experts outside our sector. This year we will provide a platform for such an exchange and peer learning in Helsinki, during EASPD’s autumn conference. Do not miss your chance to share your experiences on how to empower your people and learn from experiences of others!

EASPD Development, Research and Innovation Team