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Autumn brings change!

Autumn is usually always very busy in Brussels, with the EU actively working on new or improving legislation. This year is different with the delay to the approval of the new Commissioners and the nearly 2/3s of new European Parliamentarians still trying to find their place. This means EASPD is actively working to get to grips with the changes, it also means we have time to read and consider important papers.
Two particularly come to mind.
The first being the Conclusions by the European Council promoting the “Economy of Wellbeing” concept. The Economy of Wellbeing means that the well-being of people in itself is very important, but that it also has very positive economic, social and environmental impacts. Most importantly for EASPD, the conclusions highlight very strongly the key role by social service providers.
The second is the latest report by the European Commission on “Employment and Social Developments in Europe 2019”; which includes a section (and very interesting data) on the employment, early school leaving and poverty rates of persons with disabilities between 2008 and 2016. For EASPD, this can be the first step to creating UN CRPD indicators in view of the European Semester, the EU’s very powerful tool for economic and social policy coordination.
Check out these important papers when you get the chance!

Thomas Bignal
Policy Advisor