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DELAROSE - Delivering E-Learning Accreditation to Reduce Occupational Stress in Employment

  • Website:
  • Funding: Leonardo Da Vinci, Transfer of Innovation
  • Partners: 9 Partners. EASPD is responsible for the dissemination and exploitation of the project
  • Project Duration: The project lasted for 23 months from 01/11/2013 to 31/10/2015

Main Objectives

The ROSE project found staff in health and social care settings across the EU lacked skills to manage work-related stress. A lack of standardised education and training in this VET sector impedes workforce mobility and shared learning. By transferring the ROSE project (self-help programme to manage stress) to an accredited programme, DELAROSE may help to address these issues.

  • Transfer an established stress management self help programme to an accredited and sustainable programme for health and social care workers
  • Allocate both ECVET points and ECTS credits to support European integrated learning in this sector and enhanve mobility of students and workers
Contact details

Timothy GhilainResearch & Development Officer

+32 2 282 46 12

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