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‘Employment for All’ EASPD Booklet on Best Practices on the employment of people with disabilities now available in 5 additional languages

A key area of EASPD’s work is to secure the creation of more inclusive labour markets for all. To support this work and EASPD members, who provide employment services and jobs to people with disabilities, EASPD and the European Union of Supported Employment (EUSE) has created the ‘Employment for All Awards,’ to recognise the most promising practices that support the full inclusion of persons with disabilities in the labour market.

The last Employment for All Awards, held in 2017, announced Carrefour Spain and ACCESS Integrationsbegleitung (Germany) as the winners of latest winners of the awards.

The winners were presented alongside 8 other best practices, which have been identified for their innovative employment strategies, in EASPD’s booklet: “Employment for All Awards: 10 Best Practices on Employment Strategies for Persons with Disabilities

The booklet highlights different models and approaches for the inclusion of persons with disabilities in the workforce. These practices provide equal opportunities to access gainful employment and enable persons with disabilities to live independently and contribute to society.

EASPD has now released its booklet in 5 additional languages and you can read it here in:
French, German, Spanish, Bulgarian, Romanian