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European Social Policy

European Social Policy is laws and guidelines in Europe that make sure people can live full lives in their community


To include disabled people in European Social Policy we have been working on:
The European Semester
The European Semester is where the people in power in Europe and the member countries of the European Union get together to talk about goals for Europe.
The European Union is a group of countries whose governments work together.
We have joined with other organisations to make sure the European Semester takes notice of disabled people’s opinions.
We have helped make a toolkit to support people to take part and we are organising workshops about taking part too.


Europe 2020
The aim of the Europe 2020 plan is to help Europe grow in a way that is good for money, people and the environment.
We have given feedback about the Europe 2020 plan.


European Money
We are giving our thoughts about how to manage money in the European Union better.


Working in Europe
We are working on a project to help people in social services talk to each other about work issues like safety.
Social services are any services that are provided to people when they need help and support.
Funding in Europe
We have taken part in different projects to make sure funding from Europe is used in the best way it can be.
Funding is money that organisations can get to help them do their work.