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We organise lots of events for our members.
Our members are organisations who provide services to disabled people in Europe.


Every year we hold 2 big conferences.
A conference is a large meeting.
At the conferences we talk about topics that are important to our work.


Policy is a set of rules about how we do things.
A seminar is a meeting for learning and sharing information.


So in policy seminars we talk about how we can improve policy to make life better for disabled people in Europe.
And we talk about new information that may affect policy.


Service providers are the people who are paid to run services.
A forum is a meeting where everyone can speak and share ideas.


Our service provider forums give members the chance to meet each other and form partnerships.
A partnership is when people team up to get things done.


We run training courses on different topics for our members.
Our training courses have included: project management, person centred technology, inclusive education, and quality of services.