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Independent living

Disabled people have the right to choose where they live.
And who they live with.


They should have the support they need to live independently.
Independent means doing things for yourself and making your own decisions.


What we have done


We have set up a group called the Interest Group on Independent Living and Inclusion.
The group was set up to help service providers support people to live independently.
Service providers are the people who are paid to run services.
They share ideas about how to help people live independently.
They give advice to organisations about independent living policy.
Policy is the rules about how we do things.


We are part of an expert group in Europe that helps people leave institutions and live in the community.
Institutions are places where disabled people are forced to live apart from non-disabled people.
When disabled people live in institutions they do not have control over their own lives.
They are not free to make their own choices.
A community is a group of people living in the same area.


Projects help us:


• find out new things
• share information
• and find new ways of working
to make things better for disabled people.
We are part of a project called living in the community.
The project has made a guide that helps governments change their services from institutions to community care.
The guide says there is money from the European Union to help governments do this.
The guide shows governments how they can get this money.
The European Union is a group of countries whose governments work together.


We are a partner of the PUSH Europe network.
PUSH Europe is a group of service providers that support disabled people to live independently.
They are working to help more disabled people in Europe to live independently.