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Investing in children, investing in society

Friday 20th November is World Children’s Day; it was established by the United Nations in 1954 to promote the welfare of children around the world. UNICEF describes this day as a day to reimagine a better future for every child. At EASPD, the future we strive for is one where Europe’s most vulnerable children have access to an environment where they are supported and empowered. Where families and children have quality, inclusive services so that they can fully enjoy their rights.

At this moment, child services across Europe face numerous challenges such as the training and recruitment of staff and availability of sufficient services to support all children. The COVID-19 pandemic has also greatly affected the funding of these services. Strong legal and financial frameworks are needed more than ever for support services for vulnerable children, and the Child Guarantee is an initiative with vast potential to deliver important changes for these children. The Child Guarantee can play an important role in aiding the European Union and Member states to make sure that vulnerable children have access to key social rights. Investing in children is not only crucial for the child’s development and to empower the child’s rights, but has also numerous short and long term positive impact on society and the economy, such as facilitating a healthy work-life balance, lowering the long-term costs of support care, and facilitating long-term inclusion in society.
The European Commission recently opened a consultation on the European Child Guarantee to which EASPD responded with seven crucial elements that we believe should be included in the legislative initiative. Read our full recommendations here.