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Person Centered Technology

Person centred technology is also called Assistive technology.
It is a piece of equipment or a system that helps disabled people live independently and take part in the community

For example, a hoist to lift you out of bed. Or a computer to help you speak.

Independent means doing things for yourself and making your own decisions.
A community is a group of people living in the same area.


There are no agreed standards for person centred technology.
A standard is a level of quality that the technology should reach.
Disabled people can be confused by all the different types of person centred technology.
Disabled people are not involved in the planning or making of person centred technologies.
We want this to change.


We have set up a group called the Interest Group on Person Centred Technologies.
The aim of the group is to collect information about person centred technology.
The group shares information on how person centred technology can help disabled people.


Projects help us
• find out new things
• share information
• and find new ways of working
to make things better for people with disabilities.


We are working on a project called ENTELIS.
This project aims to set up a network to share the best way to support disabled people to use a computer.


We have taken part in the ImPaCT project.
The aim of the project was to share information about person centred technology so more disabled people can use it.
The ImPaCT project wrote reports on: