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The UN CRPD says that disabled people have the same rights as everyone else.
It says what governments should do to make this happen.


We think this will help services be better for disabled people.


One of our main aims is to make sure policy in Europe helps services become better.
A policy is a set of rules about how we do things.


We keep up-to-date with new policies.


We have a say about policies based on what our members tell us.
Our members are organisations who provide services to disabled people in Europe.


We make suggestions to improve policies.




We are currently working on 3 different policy areas:


1. Disability Policy
For more information on Disability Policy, click here.



Social services are any services that are provided to people when they need help and support.
For more information on Social Services Policy, click here.


3. European Social Policy
Social Policy is laws and guidelines that make sure people can live full lives in their community.
It includes rules about:

• benefits
• housing
• social services
• health


For more information on European Social Policy, click here.