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Right to Work and Employment

Everyone has the right to work.


This is an important area of what we do. A lot of EASPD members help disabled people find and keep a job.
Our members are organisations who provide services to disabled people in Europe.


We believe that disabled people are able to work with people who are not disabled.
We believe that disabled people should have the same rights in work as everyone else.


What we have done:


We have written a letter to support the European Union's plan for Work and Inclusion.
The European Union is a group of countries whose governments work together.
Inclusion is important. It means everyone can take part and everyone has a fair chance.


We have written about what it is like for disabled people to find a job.


Projects help us:

• find out new things
• share information
• and find new ways of working

to make things better for disabled people.



We have taken park in a project called BITSE to find out what stops disabled people finding work when they leave school.


We have taken part in a project in Turkey and Italy called RACE.
The project helps to create new jobs for disabled people in Turkey and Italy.


We have taken part in a project called T-EST.
The project is helping to bring Supported Employment to Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey.
Supported Employment is where disabled people get support to find and keep a paid job.
You can see good examples from this project in our
‘Real Life Stories’ video. Click here for the video.


Every two years we give a prize to the best examples of employment for disabled people.