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Social Services Policy

We want to make social services policy better for disabled people.
Social services are any services that are provided to people when they need help and support.
Policy is the rules about how we do things.


To do this we have been working on:
1. Employment
We want to make sure that people who work in social services have good working conditions.
We believe that this will help them do a better job.


2. Legal Framework
There needs to be clear rules for service providers about how they work and get money.
Sometimes the rules are too strict and this means services are not as good as they could be.
In 2011 the European Union wrote new guidelines about how services should be given money and what rules they should follow.
The European Union is a group of countries whose governments work together.
The guidelines are better, but still need some work.


3. Quality of Services
We are working to try and set standards for services.
A standard is the level of quality that is expected of a service.
This will tell service providers what they should be doing to provide a good service.


4. Changes to Services


We want to make sure service providers and people who use services are involved in decisions and changes to services.