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What we do

1. We speak up for support services.
We make sure that disabled people and service providers have a say in policies that make a difference to them.
Service providers are the people who are paid to run services.
Policies are the rules about how we do things.



We want to make sure service providers and people who use services are involved in decisions and changes to services.


2. We share important information


We tell service providers about any changes in laws and policies that may mean they need to change how they work.


We tell policy makers about the problems service providers have, to try and make policies better.


3. We help find new ways of working.


We help start projects in Europe.
Projects help us
• find out new things
• share information
• and find new ways of working
to make things better for disabled people.


We tell about funding for new projects.
Funding is money that organisations can get to help them do their work.


We help service providers to share ideas with each other.