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5 December 2013, Policy Seminar on Self-Directed Support



As persons with disabilities have begun to claim their proper place as full citizens in society they have often found that funding systems for support services are either inadequate or inconsistent with citizenship - not giving them control over their lives.
Across Europe there are now different systems of funding of support services and some experiments in self-directed support. However, there are many differences between these systems and different wordings are used to describe these systems: personal budgets, individual budgets, individualised funding, self-managed funding, self-directed support, service brokerage, direct payments etc.

A system of self-directed support is a system of funding for support services that helps people to achieve full citizenship. It may have some of the following qualities:
1. Rights - strong rights that give people proper entitlements
2. Control - the person, or someone close to him/her, can control the budget
3. Clarity - the systems, its rules and the budgets are clear
4. Flexibility - budgets can be used in many different ways
5. Ease of Use - it is easy to plan and to manage the budget and to control assistance
6. Learning - information, advice and opportunities for innovation are available
7. Contribution - budgets can be used to improve the person’s contribution to society

Seminar on Self-Directed Support


The significance of this topic has enabled EASPD to organise a seminar on self-directed support systems that will take place in Brussels on the 5th of December. The seminar will deal with ways to allow individuals to take the lead in identifying the support they require to achieve the outcomes that are important to them, therefore designing the support that best suits their specific needs. The seminar will include a key note speech from Mr Simon Duffy, expert and researcher at the Centre for Welfare Reform (UK) and examples from Belgium (Flanders), Finland, United Kingdom, Bulgaria and from the Netherlands will be presented. The objective of the seminar will be to take stock of the situation in Europe and see which strategies should be adopted to move forward.

To do so, a questionnaire has been diffused through members and non-members in order to collect information on self-directed support systems in the different European countries, identify obstacles to good practices and gather useful information for future research and lobby activities.
The questionnaire is available here.



Event: Seminar on Self-Directed Support Systems in Europe
Date: 5th December 2013

Location: Aloft Brussels Schuman Hotel, Place Jean Rey, 1040 Brussels
Time: 9am to 14 pm
Deadline for registrations: 28th November 2013

The seminar Programme is available here.


Please note that the working language will be English.

Registrations are closed.