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Advancing Personal and Household Service in Europe: EU project to organise a series of national events

In the framework of the Ad-PHS project, partners of the consortium are planning to organise a series of national events aimed at discussion policies and practices on Personal and Household Services (PHS) in different European countries. Below is the list of upcoming events.

  • 30/05/2019 – Drogheda, Ireland (Uni Europa)
  • 17/06/2019 – Berlin, Germany (IWAK)
  • 19/06/2019 – Copenhagen, Denmark (EASPD)
  • ​21/06/2019 – Rotterdam, Netherlands (EASPD)
  • 25/06/2019 – Madrid, Spain (EFFE)
  • ​01/07/2019 – Paris, France (EFFE)

The national events will focus on some of the following topics:


  • How to organise improved access to tailored guidance for public authorities and key stakeholders interested in developing PHS
  • ​How to raise awareness about rights & obligations of workers and employers in PHS
  • How to organise a more effective social dialogue in PHS
  • How to reach a higher professionalisation of jobs in PHS
  • How to achieve a better cooperation between public authorities and key stakeholders at local, regional and national level
  • ​How to provide a more structured cooperation between key stakeholders at European level

If you are interested in participating in any of the following events, please contact us at
What is  PHS? there are two main sectoral activities (social care and household support); yet with a possible growing overlap between the two, for instance in providing services for the elderly. On the one hand, social care provision is being increasingly provided in people’s homes; influenced by the increasing need to provide more person-centred and community-based care services, as a result of the growing importance of human rights principles (UN CRPD, etc) and evolving societal needs. Care-related services amount for 63% of PHS. Household support services are also developing rapidly, due to changing family structures, work-life balance policies, an ageing population, etc. These represent 37% of PHS. Current societal developments such as changes to family structures increase the need for PHS. For example, growing female employment rate, higher numbers of single parent families or longer distances between family members make it more difficult for families to cope with everyday life tasks.
What is Ad-PHS?
The Advancing Personal and Household Services (Ad-PHS) project aims to lead to the creation of a platform of relevant PHS stakeholders at EU Level. Its main goal is to create a single point-of-contact to support, guide and provide advice to Public Authorities in the development of their PHS policies. It is an EU-funded project
For more information, download the leaflet.
Contact details: