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Agency for Social Development "Vision"

“It is more enjoyable for everyone if the supporter shows good attitude, empathy, warmth and good competence”
The service offers activities aiming to the introduction of new models and alternative forms of social support to people with disabilities through the development of their abilities and skills, talents, employment and intellectual potential. It also provides an educational support for children attending inclusive schools.
The social support is provided through services and activities in an integrated, comprehensive environment through education and creative methods, participation in the creation of products, leading to a real personal development by consultants of the Art House “Vision Art”.


Types of support

The agency provides a range of activities in form of group and individual work such as:
- Information & advisory activities for social and legal protection, social interaction, communication.
- Training activities: computer and foreign languages, art & culture, civic education.
- Psychological rehabilitation: modelling of behaviour, structure of the personality.
- Art therapy: music, applied art, literature, journalism and photography.
- Cultural activities: visit of museums, exhibitions, theatres, etc.
- Educational support for children in mainstream schools

 “ I’m learning how to use a computer and how to work with photography”
“I visit different cultural sites such as galleries, museums and theatres”
“I receive support in my day-to-day activities at school” 

Importance of the service provided

- All activities: It supports the individual development, the acquisition of new skills and the autonomy of the persons with various types and degrees of disability. It enables the users to take part in targeted activities for integration and prevention of social exclusion.
- Educational support: Opportunity to attend mainstream school and not a special school in segregation excluded from the society.

“ I have the opportunity to communicate with other people and exchange experiences”


“After joining an outdoor activity, I feel like a normal person”


“ The social assistant cares for me and teaches me a lot of things like how to make friends, read and write and other daily activities such as brushing my tooth”



Conditions to receive the support

- All activities:  To be at least 18 years old with a certified disability and to be a user at the Art House “Vision Art”
- Educational Support: To be a child attending a mainstream school and to have a medical certificate confirming the need of assistance


Key Elements

All activities:
- Non-discrimination
- Guarantee for equal accessibility to the activities
- Individual support to maximising the personal growth and meet personal wishes
- Provision of sufficient information to make choice in determining the right kind of support
Educational support:
- Good cooperation between the stakeholders (parents, school board, social services providers, etc.)
- Employment of trained specialists to work in the support service
- Incorporation of feeling of social responsibility in people, starting with children.



Potential Improvements

For all activities:
Increasing the capacity of professionals to meet the demand, building up contacts and partnerships in environment outside the service to achieve harmony and balance in life and real personal development of the users. Promote and adcvocate for the accessibility of public buildings.
“ I wish for the Art House to expand its activities by including more courses”
For educational Support:
As the Agency for Social Development "Vision" is the only one offering such support services to children in school in Bulgaria, we hope that the practice will develop in other region and become a common national service.
“Because I like to draw and my mom says I am really good at it, I hope to become a designer someday. With the help of my social assistant, I hope to fulfil my dream”

Highlight: Range of services covering cultural activities and inclusive education of children.