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AJuPID project: improving access to justice for persons with intellectual disabilities

 Access to Justice for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities (AJuPID) is a project EASPD is partner to, with the aim of improving access to justice for persons with intellectual disabilities (PwID).

The objectives of the project include:
The improvement of interactions between PwID and the justice system by informing judges, court staff and support workers of their rights and needs.

Throughout the project the following activities will be undertaken:

  1. Knowledge-gathering on legal guardianship laws in the 5 participating countries.
  2. Identification of promising practices on supported-decision making for persons with intellectual disabilities.
  3. Creation of a training for legal guardians and support workers to raise awareness on Article 12 and Article 13 of the UN CRPD as well as on supported decision making mechanisms
  4. Organisation of events in national/European courts to inform judges and court staff about persons with intellectual disability’s rights.

The information collected from study visits, and independent research on promising practices will be organized into a guide that will be published in 2015. The guide will be available in Bulgarian, English, French, Finnish and Hungarian.


More information is available on the project’s website:  

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