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Amplifying your voice on Social Media: EASPD’s Communications Network helps service providers to speak up with latest webinar

It is estimated that there are over 3.1 billion active social media users worldwide today. This means that almost half of the world’s population use some form of social media, making it a vital platform through which we can communicate. 

Simply being present on social media isn’t enough however and social media must be used strategically in order for it to be truly beneficial.

To support its members in their communication activities and to help them to boost their voice online, EASPD is holding its first communications-based webinar on ‘Amplifying your voice on Social Media’ on 22nd November from 12-1:30pm.

Hosted by the Dandelion Group, a social enterprise run by communication specialists, the webinar will highlight some of the potential opportunities having an online presence can have and show how you can expand your organisation's strategy to benefit from more social media engagement. To read the Webinar's full programme Click here.

This webinar will be one of the first activities of EASPD’s Communications Network, EASPD’s latest initiative that aims to promote the exchange of expertise, experience and knowledge to support the communication activities of our members. The new network is composed of those who are responsible for communications in EASPD’s member organisations. Via the online platform the network’s members can share information and ideas with each other, on the topics that are most important to them and gain support from EASPD’s own communication officers.
The webinar is only open to members of the Communications Network. To find out more about the Network, and how you or your organisation’s Communication Officer can join, email EASPD’s External Communications Officer at

Editor’s note:

The Dandelion Group is a social enterprise run by communication specialists. The coaches train companies, NGOs and individuals in public speaking and political marketing. You can grow at weekly, barrier-free debate nights; stand out thanks to a communication course; or transform our society by supporting the first European campaign camp. In contrast to other consultancies, all activities and profit focus on promoting an inclusive Europe with active citizens.