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Annual Conference 2016 - Chisinau, Moldova - presentations


From 21st to 22nd April, the European Association of Service providers for Persons with Disabilities organised in Chisinau, Moldova, its annual cross-sectorial conference “Growing Together: from grassroots initiatives to national strategies in early childhood intervention”. The conference brought together service providers, public authorities, academics, experts and staff from the ECI field as well as persons with disabilities and their families and analysed the state of play in regard with ECI services across Europe by providing a comprehensive overview of all the elements needed in developing high-quality community-based ECI services.

Below you can find the presentations both from the plenary and workshop sessions.

Keynote speakers and plenary sessions

Keynote speaker 1
Plenary session 1: Creating a nurturing environment for children - key elements in setting up succesful ECI services
Plenary session 2: Developing and sustaining successful ECI services
Plenary session 3: Community-based ECI services: from challenges to potential solutions
Keynote speaker 2
Policy panel
  • Vasilka Dimoska, chair of the Interest Group on Early Intervention, EASPD: policy debate
  • Dimitrios Nikolsky, Chair of the Ad Hoc Committee of experts on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CAHDPH), Council of Europe: policy debate