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The Art of Inclusion

On the 14th and 15th October, together with our partners at Cope Foundation and the European Network for Cultural Centres (ENCC) we hosted over 400 participants for our international online conference ‘The Art of Inclusion-Disability an Diversity in Arts and Culture’. Although we were not able to experience the richness of artistic and cultural activities as when they are enjoyed in reality, technology allowed us to bring critically acclaimed artists and knowledgeable experts together, transcending borders and time zones. In just two days we covered many important topics and artistic disciplines. Our panel discussions identified the necessary change needed within our current legal frameworks and to overcome societal attitudes towards diversity in arts and culture. A conference about Arts and Culture would be amiss without practical opportunities to use the right side of your brain, in our workshops participants could choose between activities such as creating their own visual masterpiece or learning about accessible music technology. The common message behind all conference sessions throughout both days is simple but essential, artistic expression and cultural participation are fundamental human rights that should be accessible to and enjoyed by everyone. EASPD is committed and prepared to continue the important work done by the Member Forum on Arts and Culture and develop further cooperation with stakeholders in the sector. Together we will strive for meaningful inclusion and the full implementation of Article 30 of the UNCRPD.

Read our full press release on the event here.