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Become a key player in driving regional innovation in active and healthy ageing across Europe!

The European Commission, supported by Funka as Coordinator of the WE4AHA Coordination and Support Action,haved announced the launch of the 3rd Call for Reference Sites. The Call aims to provide regions and areas across Europe with the opportunity to identify and explore proven examples of innovation and become exemplars of good policy and practice related to active and healthy ageing. Reference Sites represent an alliance or partnership of stakeholders within a region or major metropolitan area. Successful Reference Sites bring together a wide range of stakeholders (e.g. Regional Government Bodies and Health and Care providers, industry, academia and civil society) into a coherent partnership to understand and address the challenges of delivering health and care services to an ageing population.

It can bring many different benefits for your region, including:

  • an enhanced strategic oversight and direction.
  • active engagement in international activities.
  • an opportunity to become a catalyst in a region to bring other stakeholders on board to work collaboratively on the development of innovative solutions.
  • an opportunity to Scale up service delivery models by ensuring health and care providers are able to adopt innovative practices through capacity building.
  • contribution to the development of Regional Strategies for Innovation, Economy and Smart Specialisation (amongst others).

The 3rd Call for Reference Sites is directed to both new candidates and existing reference Sites. Applicants should:

  • represent an alliance or partnership of stakeholders within a region or major metropolitan area.
  • ​be any institution or entity that is in the position to act on the EIP on AHA topics, disregarding its legal status.

​ The deadline for application is the 30th of June 2019. 


For more information about the Call and on how to apply, please visit: