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Become a member of your chosen EASPD Member Forum!

Under the new EASPD statutes, all Standing Committees and Interest Groups have now become Member Forums (MFs).
The EASPD Members Forums (MFs) are thematic working groups where EASPD members come together with the aim to network, exchange best practices, develop projects, contribute to policy development and research work in key sectorial areas. Each MF is responsible for the implementation of EASPD’s work in a particular area interest.
During our governance elections on 16th October, eight board members were elected as Co-chair to one of EASPD’s new Member Forums and will represent their MF on the Board:

  • Arts and Culture: Eoin Nash (Ireland)
  • Early Intervention: Vasilka Dimoska (North Macedonia)
  • Education: Miguel Valles (Portugal)
  • Employment: Fabrizio Fea (Italy)
  • Inclusive Living: Pep Solé (Spain)
  • Person-Centred Technology: Evert-Jan Hoogerwerf (Italy)
  • Policy Impact: Mirela Juka (Albania)
  • Workforce Development and HR: James Churchill (UK)

The member forums rely on a stable and active membership to carry out their activities. That is why we need committed members to engage in the MFs.  
Given the changes in the way the MFs will function, all members are kindly asked to sign up/renew their membership to their member forum (s) of choice by 16th November 2020 via this on-line form. We will be updating the mailing and group membership lists based on this, so please don’t miss the deadline to sign up/renew your commitment.
By signing up via this form, members will be asked to express their commitment for a period of 2 years by enrolling in the member forums of their choice. There are two ways to engage within the member forum(s) of choice: as an active member or as observer of the group. We strongly recommend to become an active member of maximum 2 member forums (implying direct participation to the meetings & contribution to the activities). Member can still monitor the work of the other groups, by becoming an observer of other forums of your choice (with no restriction on the number of MFs). As an observer of an MF (or MFs), members will be included on the mailing list and will receive all communication related to the member forum.
Please note that a doc version of this on-line form has been circulated already throughout the summer within the PCT MF. If you already filled in the doc version and returned it to the Secretariat, your registration is already recorded, so there is no need to fill in the on-line form again. Thank you in advance.

For any questions please email Ms. Adriana Popa at