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Board Members

The EASPD Board is elected to represent the association and its members by the General Assembly for a mandate of 4 years.

The board reports to the General Assembly (GA) and is responsible for the following tasks:

  • Development of policy and strategic orientation within EASPD
  • Authorises the number and categories of staff and approves terms and conditions in relation to such appointments.
  • Establishes Standing Committees and permanent working groups or Ad Hoc Committees.
  • Appoints the chair of the Standing Committees, Interest Groups, Ad Hoc Committees, EASPD delegations and other Committees as it sees fit from time to time and will have regard of advice given by the Secretary General (SG).
  • Proposes annual budgets, annual reports to the GA and receives updates in relation to the Executive and financial performance of EASPD.
  • Receives the report of the external financial auditor/bookkeeper.


James Crowe
Chair of the Board

Akos Pordan
Hand in Hand Foundation


Jose Maria Solé I Chavero
Fundació Tutelar de les Comarques 
Gironines (SUPPORT)

Cristian Rovira

Evert-Jan Hoogerwerf
AIAS Bologna onlus

Fabrizio Fea
Associazione Scuola Viva onlus

Senator John Dolan
Disability Federation Ireland

Karin Astegger

Kathrin Voelker 

Kirsi Konola

Peter Saxenhofer 

Vasilka Dimoska
(Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)

Valerija Bužan 
CUDV Draga

Georgi Georgev



Aikaterini Gavriela Tsaligopoulou 
Vocational Training Center MARGARITA


Marleen Clissen

Katholiek Onderwijs Vlaanderen

Lieve DeKempeneer
De Lork



Miguel Valles
Mira Sintra



Luk Zelderloo
EASPD Secretary General
(Ex officio, without voting right)