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Boosting social infrastructure investment: EASPD report on the importance of investing in Social Care and Support

Despite being the engine of the European social model, providing high quality care and support to those who need it most, sustainable investment into the social care and support sector has been decreasing throughout the last decade.

The decline in investment into social care and support services was addressed in EASPD’s report, ‘Investing in Social Care and Support: A European Imperative,’ which explored what more can be done to ensure investment into the provision of high quality, human-rights based support services.

Following an assessment of the importance of the social care and support sector to society, the report highlights the role both public and private investment plays in the provision of quality social care and support services, before exploring potential opportunities for the sector and the barriers preventing the increased investment into social infrastructure.

The report concludes with a number of recommendations which suggest how the European Union can help to ensure universal access to quality, community-based care and support through better investment.
These recommendations include the creation of a European Strategy for Quality Social Infrastructure that will help to unlock greater investment into social infrastructure through three main actions:

  • The creation of a European Fund for Social Infrastructure Development (EFSID)
  • The setting up of structures to ensure a pipeline of quality projects
  • The strengthening of research and data in social care and support, healthcare, education and social housing.

These recommendations have supported EASPD’s work on the funding and investment systems that assist support services and facilitate innovation. In particular EASPD has contributed to consultation on the European Commission’s new InvestEU Programme (the EU’s latest financial instrument to support investment) and their latest proposal successfully incorporated all of the recommendations put forward by EASPD to support increased social investment.

EASPD will continue to work on the topic of social investment to increase the funding and financing opportunities available to its members.

To read more about EASPD’s recommendations to the European Union and the full report click here.

You can also read this report in Bulgarian, French, German, Italian, Romanian and Spanish.