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Call for candidatures for the membership of the EASPD Independent Complaints Committee

EASPD is committed to working in an open, friendly and accountable way that builds the trust and respect of all our members and partners. Nevertheless, we do acknowledge that situations may arise when our members and partners may be dissatisfied by our work and/or the way we operate.
To handle such potential situations, we have put in place a complaints mechanism which will allow listening and responding to the concerns of our members, partners and stakeholders, and treat any potential complaint which may arise efficiently and fairly in a transparent and procedurally correct manner.
While we strive and encourage to resolve potential complaints through informal channels, the Independent Complaints Committee (ICC) will play a key role in mediating and handling formal complaints. We need YOU, our committed members, to be part of it and help us in the process!
We are searching for candidates to fill up the 4 available positions (3 positions + 1 reserve) in the ICC who are committed to help EASPD become more members-led and help us improve as an organisation! The elections will be organised during the General Assembly meeting in Helsinki, Finland on 5th October 2019.

The EASPD Independent Complaints Committee (ICC) will play an important role in handling formal complaints, should the need arise. Its objective is to resolve the complaint to the satisfaction of all involved in a manner which is consistent with the EASPD Code of Conduct. This will often involve negotiations and mediation as well as having an investigation of the facts of each case.

Is this role for you?

  • Yes, if you are a full EASPD member (and not an EASPD board member)
  • Yes, if you are willing to be involved in the good governance of the association and help us learn how to better our work and cooperation with our members and partners
  • Yes, if you are a strong advocate for fairness and justice
  • Yes, if you have good interpersonal skills, you are solution-oriented and have an interest in conflict resolution
  • Yes, if you are proficient in English

What will you gain?

  • Having a positive impact on the well-functioning of EASPD
  • Better understanding of the functioning and internal procedures of EASPD
  • Experience in conflict resolution in a European association
  • Experience cooperating in an international team

The elected ICC members will have a mandate of 4 years. Time investment will be limited and your travel and subsistence to attend potential face-to-face meeting will be fully covered by the association.
How can you apply?

  1. Fill in the candidature application form and declaration of interest
  2. Send us your CV and your photo

All elections documents are available HERE.
All applications should be sent by 18th September by e-mail to Luk Zelderloo and Adriana Popa and by postal mail to EASPD, Rue de Commerce 72, 1040, Brussels, Belgium.
We are looking forward to receiving your applications!