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Call for Practices! Access to Justice for Persons with Disabilities

EASPD and its partners of the Just4All project are searching for good practices that improve the access persons with disabilities have to justice. The good practices will be presented in a report which aims to raise awareness and educate legal practitioners in the European Union.

Just4All is an EU funded project aiming to improve access to justice for persons with disabilities by raising awareness and training legal practitioners in the European Union. The project is coordinated by Fundación ONCE and partners include the European Disability Forum, the European Association of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities (EASPD), Thomson Reuters Aranzadi, Instituto de Derechos Humanos Bartolomé de las Casas – Carlos III University.

Practices focusing on access to justice of women and/or children with disabilities are especially welcome.

To submit your practice please complete the application form here and send it to by the 23rd of February 2019.