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Call for Tender! EASPD is looking for a researcher

As part of its Annual Work Programme 2019 - (Re)connect: EU4you, EASPD is looking for a Researcher/Research team to produce a report “Opportunities and barriers of different employment models for persons with disabilities”. The report should provide an overview of the opportunities and barriers of each employment model for persons with disabilities. In particular the report should identify:

• their concrete potential for fostering participation of persons with disabilities in the labour market identifying opportunities and barriers for accessing each model
• analyse the concrete possibilities to change employment model and the consequences it entails (i.e. variation in benefits, support received, working conditions, etc.)

This overview should give conclusions on how each model is successful in employing persons with disabilities and to what extent this model is applicable to persons with disabilities having various support needs. The research should focus on a selected number of European countries (minimum 7) chosen according to criteria of geographical balance and reflecting the variety of social welfare models in Europe. The researcher/research team shall liaise with the members of EASPD working on employment to gather information and get real life experiences from different countries.

To find out more and how to apply click here