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Call for tender! EASPD is looking for researchers to implement 3 studies starting in 2020

EASPD is looking for researchers to complete 4 research activities in the field of social care and support services. Find out more below.


Research “COVID-19 Preparedness in Social Services”

The study should focus on identifying lessons learnt from the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, highlighting key actions to improve preparedness, bringing to light existing promising practices from across Europe and developing a booklet for different stakeholders on key actions to take to improve preparedness and resilience in social services in face of existing and future public health pandemics.

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Research “Impact of Covid-19 on the Employment of Persons with Disabilities: What Role for Social Economy Entreprises?”

The Covid-19 pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on employment around the world. Much has been said about the scale of actual and projected economic and social consequences of the pandemic on the employment in general, including jobs lost, changes in working arrangements, etc. With this research, EASPD aims to gather evidence specific to the situation of employment of persons with disabilities as a result of  the current pandemic, as well as to the capacity of social economy entreprises to keep and create jobs for persons with disabilities and other persons often excluded from the labour market. This role of Social Economy entreprises was specifically referred to as an opportunity following the COVID-19 pandemic by the European Commission in its Communication on the Country Specific Recommendations. This research should bring meat to the bone of this statement, in particular in view of the upcoming European Action Plan for the Social Economy and the European Disability Strategy.

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Research “Promising Practices in Disability Services’ Response to COVID-19 pandemic”

The study should focus on identifying promising practices from the actions taken by services for persons with disabilities to ensure the provision of care and support during the COVID-19 pandemic, in particular in the fields of care and support, community living, employment, education, early childhood intervention and arts and leisure. Promising practices can include the services themselves (new forms of services, adaptations to others, etc), support to staff who provide the services, partnerships with public authorities or other stakeholders, etc. 

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Deadline for applications: 13th December.
Response for applications: 15th December.
Flexibility in the deadline for the delivery of the study (to be discussed).